Heavy machinery transportation

Heavy equipment transportation is a service that needs to be performed with know-how and caution. The Transportequipement.ca team has the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure your machinery is properly transported. Our fleet of trucks and trailers is well-suited to perform all types of work in a timely and safe manner. Following a procedure that has been proven to work time after time, our employees work together and in close partnership with you to ensure the transportation of any industrial, agricultural or other equipment is done well.


If not carried out properly, the transportation of fixed and heavy industrial or agricultural machinery could result in a bad outcome. Material damage, shorter lifespan and premature wear are just some examples of unfortunate consequences that may ensue. With Transport Équipement, you don’t need to worry about a thing! We are qualified professionals that bring many years of experience to the table. Clients from various industry sectors do not hesitate to trust us and rely on our company to receive effective heavy equipment transportation services.


A team with machinery transportation experience

At Transportequipement.ca, our industrial equipment transportation service is available every day. We travel to your premises to make an estimation of the time and number of employees required to perform the work. This way, we make sure our services perfectly meet your needs. Our company is located in the Montreal area but we can travel anywhere in Quebec with no problem.

Don’t wait and call us today to get all the details on our prices and availability! Whether you own agricultural, industrial or other machinery, you can entrust us with your heavy equipment transportation needs. Doing business with Transport Équipement means guaranteed peace of mind.